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Why Should You Partner With Us?

So far, IIJT - TeamLease has:
• Successfully placed thousands of students.
• Established 25 centers across India.
• Partnered with leading banks to explore employment opportunities for our students
• Partnered for lots of Govt. and NSDC skill development initiatives.
As we gain ground, we seek partners who share our ethos and passion towards skill development.

Who Are We Looking For?

We aim to strike partnerships that can contribute to a strong job ecosystem and prepare our youth with employable skills. We are looking for individuals who:
• Are passionate about education and skill development
• Demonstrate adequate business acumen and an impressive business track record
• Possess exceptional leadership and management capabilities
• Have the ability to adapt to a constantly evolving vocational training industry
• Are a graduate in any discipline
• Have the capability to personally invest around 50-60 percent of the total project cost
• Share TeamLease vision in the field of Talent Development.
• Can devote full-time attention to the venture or source professional help to run it.
• Have complete knowledge of the regional and local market.

Minimum Requirements:

• A minimum operational business space of 1200 – 2000 sq ft.
• Premises should be in visible and approachable place and available for lease of self owned
• Capital Investment of Rs. 8-15 Lakhs which includes infrastructure cost and necessary license costs.
If you would like to discuss opportunities to grow together, please fill up the form above.

Why Choose Teamlease IIJT ?

TeamLease IIJT offers not just education but Education which leads to a job. Our curriculum is designed to suit the employer. We have made our syllabus after extensive discussions with various industry experts and continue to involve them in our Academic Council.

We want to ensure that we teach what is relevant and what will lead you to getting a better job.

The subject Life skills is devoted to the process of developing close personal and business relationships that work. This subject is committed to personal development and career management. It is a subject about skills that you must fine-tune in order for your life to work better. It helps you to explore abilities, skills, values, concepts, new thoughts, and ways of being and behaviors that are necessary to maximize your personal and professional potentials.

We have received various assurances from different industries that they would look at our students as the first choice and we are confident that our students would get excellent opportunities. We involve the industry at each level and the placement support would be 100%

From time to time we will be announcing various scholarships including a complete fee waiver. We are also working with various state departments to enable our students to take advantage of the state sponsored schemes for different categories of scholarships. We are also actively working with various corporates who may offer scholarships under their CSR activities.

Our Partners

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